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Inky Fingers

Inky Fingers

Hello Friends!

Fear not! This column is neither a virtual pulpit nor a soapbox! But it’s not going to be empty during the interregnum either. In the same way that a field is periodically allowed to lie fallow so is this a quiet period only in the 700 year history of our parish for a purpose. Because, to continue the agricultural theme, there is more than one field on this farm!

Most importantly, we are not leaderless: far from it. With ‘the management’ in the hands of the Wardens, PCC and Parish Representatives (Penny Menear and Edward Pascoe) our pastoral needs are in the capable care of Rev. Olive, our Curate. Also, although we face the same challenges as any parish, urban or rural, there is much going on quietly in our church to prepare the ground for a productive future. We have a Parish Office and Administrator, there are new Lay Pastoral Ministers and Worship Leaders to back up the clergy and staff in addition to the organisation leaders and readers/prayer leaders: all willing ‘labourers in the fields’. The Outreach Lunches and Scrabble Club as well as the Teatime Services are now becoming established whilst Churches Together in Camborne are working together on initiatives such as the 24/7 Weeks of Prayer and the recently started Nightwatch mission for clubbers on Saturday nights both of which are based in our church in the centre of town but are certainly joint efforts. We are working towards a sound visiting ministry and an unobtrusive Prayer Netwatch aims to be aware of the needs and concerns of our church family.

This is good husbandry, no less — the ground is waiting, the workers are ready. I don’t know how long this interregnum will last, but I am sure of one thing. We can afford to be patient (though still diligent) in waiting for the right pastor. Our church needs and deserves the best.

Yours in fellowship,

Peter H. – Editor