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RSPCA – Animal Welfare

RSPCA – Animal Welfare

Dorothy Fisher writes:-

We would like to thank everyone concerned with the Animal Welfare Service in October, when we come to give thanks for animals and acknowledge our responsibility to God’s creatures.

It was truly a lovely service, and I think people get much comfort at having their animals blessed and give thanks for the joy band companionship they give us. Olive blessed each animal individually — they were all as good as gold! Molly and Julie read the lessons and Dorothy led the prayers whilst Alan gave us a reading reminding us of the millions of creatures in God’s kingdom and how they and we all have a place. We had a marvellous dance performed by the Maranatha group — thank you children and Helen — and we were well supported by the St. Martin’s Singers.

Alan’s talk reminded me of a little piece by Thomas a’Kempis: ‘And if your heart be straight with God, then every creature shall be to you a mirror of life and a book of holy doctrine for there is no creature so little or so humble but it shows and represents the goodness of God.’

Dorothy Fisher

Editor’s footnotes:

1. The press reports increasing animal neglect and cruelty, including pet abandonment, even in our own area. As Christians and as citizens we need to be vigilant. 2. A female cat can have 3 litters a year with 5 or 6 kittens in each: that’s about 18 kittens a year. In 5 years she can have up to 20,000 descendants. Neutering isn’t cruel — it’s responsible and essential.