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Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Emma had the brilliant idea of reviving the traditional Good Friday ramble to the North Cliffs, so 14 adults, 3 children and 2 dogs duly set off at 2:30 pm from outside the church. Don couldn’t go and didn’t think I should, because I’d had a poorly knee for a couple of weeks but being determined (pig-headed actually!) I did go accompanied by son Adam. Too proud to take a walking stick I was reminded later what pride “cometh” before!

All went well at the outset including the also traditional contest of Pooh Sticks at Reskadinnick Bridge. Sue Colley won (beginner’s luck I say!) but now came the tricky bit – the bridle path. To say it was slightly muddy is like saying the Great Wall of China is a big garden fence! Anyway faint heart never won a hot cross bun, so off we all trudged. Adam dutifully held back the branches for his mother to walk precariously on the bank – who promptly slipped into the ankle deep mud, fell into the opposite hedge with right foot still firmly lodged in the morass! Celia had to literally pull my leg out leaving one black shoe firmly embedded which she and Adam, amid barely concealed giggles, eventually retrieved. Meanwhile our curate, Marlene, was so convulsed with laughter, she couldn’t help at all! So much for caring for your aged parishioner who I must say was laughing too much herself to get up. We soon caught up with the rest of the group, with me squelching all the way, but I soon started to hobble having now hurt my foot (not my knee, Donald) so Celia’s Jason kindly drove down to take me home. On reaching the house I realised I had no key and no mobile phone – I mean, what could possibly happen on a simple ramble? Jason then drove me to the allotments where Don was working so I could get his key and the men there just stared because I was muddier than they were!

Just so you don’t think I’m the only one who gets into these situations, when Celia got home, Herby, the white Westie (now half brown!) was so muddy they both got into the shower together – Celia suitably clad, I hasten to add! Just then a neighbour called in – I mean what could be more normal than entertaining a guest in the afternoon, wearing a soaking wet dressing-gown and hair-drying the dog?

After a wonderful morning procession of witness, seriously what a lovely way to spend Good Friday with friends.

Footnote (literally!): We were performing a dance in Church on Easter Sunday including me with a tricky knee, a swollen foot and a limp. I don’t think anyone noticed!

Photograph of the groupPhotograph of some of the walkersPhotograph overlooking the seaPhotograph of the group