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These pages contain information about and contact details for the clergy, lay readers and church officers. You can click on an underlined name to read their profile.


Revd. Mike Firbank (email)
Team Vicar
Revd.Olive Stevens (email)
Revd. Marlene Carveth
Curate and Diocesan Chaplain with Deaf People
Revd. Canon Debbie Harvey

Lay Reader

Mrs Susan Godolphin

Church Officers

Mr. David Gill
Deputy Wardens
Mr. Donald Holmes
Mr. Buck Carveth
Mrs. Janet Geach
Mrs. Celia Lessiter
Mrs. Valerie Dalley
Planned Giving Officer
Mr. Barrie Coad
PCC Lay Chair
Mr. David Thomas
Electoral Roll Officer
Mrs. Marlene Carveth
Captain of Girls’ Brigade
Mrs. Susan Godolphin
Captain of Boys’ Brigade
Mr. Malcolm Godolphin
Parish Administrators
Mrs. Kathryn Firbank
Mrs. Karen Hill
Sunday Club Organisers
Mr. Malcoln Godolphin
Mrs. Sharon Saunders
Dance in Worship
Mrs. Helen Knowles