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Forget Me Not Kids’ Club

The Forget Me Not Kids’ Club caters for children aged 5-11 years every Tuesday from 4-5.30pm at our local parish church hall.

We offer a safe ‘n’ secure place for the children. We do 50 weekly activities a year, from cooking, den making, sports, dressing up, arts/crafts, role playing, and more. The children choose what they would like to do by looking at craft boxes and putting their ideas into a suggestion box. When we make our 6-week plan we pick out from the box and use the children’s own ideas.

The kids’ club is all about helping children in our local area to make friends, build confidence and self-esteem, learn to share, respect others and equipment, and team building, but most of all it is about the children having fun and making a difference in their lives in these hard times.