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Over the past fifteen years or so, the royal blue jumpers and fleeces of the St Martin’s Singers might have been spotted in a number of locations as diverse as a pub in Milton Keynes, the West pier at St Ives and Camborne Town Square! It’s what the St Martin’s Singers do – go out to different places and present the Christian message using our musical gifts to the best of our ability!

The group was formed in 1994 with the intention of bringing together those members of our church who enjoyed singing but were not musically trained and who wanted to take their love of the Lord Jesus, through music, out to a wider community. Consequently we do not aspire to great artistic heights, nor indeed do we tackle intricate part-songs. Instead we sing Christian songs and a host of secular material such as songs from musicals and films with sincerity and (usually) considerable aplomb! However we are happy to be adventurous under the guidance of our new musical director, Barry Lloyd-Bennett! Like most singing groups it is advantageous to extend the repertoire and we attempt to introduce new music on a regular basis. We’re game to tackle most things!

Organisation is along the democratic lines of a society or club with the usual officers and committee who are elected at an AGM. As numbers are not too large “executive decisions” can often be made by the whole group. Membership is ecumenical and is also open to non-churchgoers and thus does offer a friendly introduction to the church fellowship.